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Colour Master Batch

COLOR that delights the eye, COLOR that differentiates, COLOR that adds values, COLOR that identifies form and function. ESSBEE POLYMERS products include POLYMIR Masterbatches for Polyolefin Polymers, high-performance engineering thermoplastics, multipurpose color concentrates And Medical grade Masterbatches for the medical industry, delivering hundreds of standard colors as well as custom formulations and color/additive combi batches.

Essbee polymers also offer Color Masterbatches against RAL & Pantone shade cards, comply with all food grade regulation, low warpage application, and all polymers base.

Color Masterbatches are used to make a variety of products for various applications.

  • excellent dispersion
  • Durability against extreme weather conditions
  • Electro-static conductive shades
  • Highly loaded Tio2 grades for maximum opacity
  • Low Viscosity product offered in PP, PE, EVA, PET, PS, and Universal