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Polymir Additive Compound

An additive compound which acts as modifier, bonding agent and polymer processing aid for major all polyolefin polymer applications.


  • Woven Fabrics
  • Non Woven Fabrics
  • HDPE & PP Pipes
  • Molding Applications

POLYMIR has been designed to improve several key areas of resin processing. It will help compatibilize dis-similar resins, increase flow, increase line speed for the machine, decrease cycle time, and allow you to process at lower temperatures and pressures.

  • POLYMIR has the ability to help your company meet their sustainability goals in several ways. Use POLYMIR to reduce the amount of electricity you use. The ability of POLYMIR to lower temperatures (10 to 20 degrees) and pressures (-10%) will help lower utility costs resulting in a lower carbon footprint. 
  • POLYMIR along with most thermoplastic resins will fluctuate in price, but in general, will be priced below prime resin but above regrinds.
  • POLYMIR can be used as a compatibilizer for dis-similar resins, allowing you to utilize more regrinds or reprocessed resins. Using POLYMIR to reduce cycle times may allow you to run less hours, or use less energy Major Plastic Industries and other OEM's are requiring processors to find ways to use the more recycled material. POLYMIR helps you meet those goals.
  • POLYMIR works very effectively in composition with the regular feedstock in All Plastic industry.
  • With the help of our compound, the dosage of calcium carbonate & recycled can be increased at a higher level and the results are better in stretching, more resistance, smoother and shiny Surface.
  • Typically after using calcium carbonate or recycled material, small holes (micropores) are generated in this product extension, making it rough. The POLYMIR fulfills these micropores, thereby leading to a smoother surface.
  • We recommend 2% - 15% of the segment of POLYMIR in various applications. The feedstock may be replaced by up to 20% by our compound to get excellent cost/benefit ratio.