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Textiles & Toys

Essbee Polymers master batches add colour and functionality to synthetic fiber as well as into toys. Essbee Polymers can help you create brilliant colourful solutions in carpets, clothing, automotive interiors, non-woven and artificial turf. Our additive masterbatches are adding durability, UV stability, flame retardant, antibacterial and many other performance properties.

Essbee Polymers products help parents and their children make the most of family life from dawn to dusk. Our material can help you enhance the safety, tactile experience, aesthetics, usability and sustainability of infant and child care goods as well as toys.

Our product formulations can provide design flexibility and ease of manufacturing for high-volume molding processes. They also deliver a long list of desirable attributes for newborns, infants and children, including soft feel, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for food contact applications and durability to withstand chewing and biting, surface texture, colour, opacity / translucence / clarity, abrasion resistance, tear strength and types of plastic substrates onto which they can be over moulded without adhesives; for substrates.

Our engineered polymers can deliver performance across the spectrum of heat resistance, strength, and durability requirements.

TDS available on request.